Messi Mania in America: The most expensive ticket for Inter Miami match up to Rs 14 lakh

The arrival of Lionel Messi, one of the greatest football players of all time, to Inter Miami has sparked a surge in fan interest and excitement in Major League Soccer (MLS). Messi’s debut match against the New York Red Bulls in New York was highly anticipated, with fans flocking to the stadium hours before kick-off. Despite coming on as a substitute, Messi’s presence alone electrified the atmosphere.
In a thrilling turn of events, Messi scored a goal in the 89th minute, securing a victory for his team. This successful debut has only heightened the anticipation for his next match against Los Angeles FC, scheduled for September 4 in Los Angeles.
The demand to witness Messi’s magic on the field has resulted in skyrocketing ticket prices for the upcoming match. Fans are willing to spend exorbitant amounts, with ticket prices ranging from Rs 41,000 to Rs 14 lakh. This level of enthusiasm and willingness to invest in tickets to see Messi play demonstrates the immense popularity and impact he has on the sport.
Comparisons are being drawn between the fan following of MLS and other major sports leagues like the NFL. The fact that fans are willing to spend more to watch Messi in action speaks volumes about his global appeal and the excitement he brings to the MLS.

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