Microsoft unveils artificial intelligence governance blueprint for India

Microsoft has recently unveiled a blueprint for Artificial Intelligence (AI) governance in India. The company has released a white paper outlining its proposals for a regulatory framework to ensure the security and responsible use of AI technology. The framework includes guidelines for security protocols, licensing arrangements, and security monitoring.
One of the key aspects of Microsoft’s proposal is the establishment of security regulations that prevent system developers from breaching the security system. By implementing these rules, Microsoft aims to ensure that AI systems are developed and used in a secure and trustworthy manner.
The company’s blueprint also emphasizes the need for licensing arrangements for permitted users. This suggests that Microsoft advocates for a system where individuals or organizations must obtain licenses to access and use AI technology. This approach aims to regulate the usage of AI and prevent any unauthorized or malicious activities.
Microsoft’s proposal includes provisions for security monitoring. This means that there would be mechanisms in place to continuously monitor AI systems and ensure compliance with security protocols. By implementing robust monitoring systems, the company aims to detect and address any potential security vulnerabilities or breaches promptly.

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