‘My Demon’ Concludes, Accusations of Plagiarism Spark Comparisons with ‘Goblin’

Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung’s recent collaboration in ‘My Demon’ has concluded after 16 episodes, leaving fans thoroughly engaged and invested in the story’s twists and turns. While the SBS fantasy drama garnered a lot of attention, it also sparked discussions among fans due to its resemblance to a particular scene from the widely popular drama ‘Goblin’.

‘My Demon’ Revives ‘Goblin’ Trauma

In one of the concluding episodes of ‘My Demon’, Song Kang’s character, a Demon named Jung Gu Won, disappears in a poignant scene, evoking emotional turmoil for the characters and the audience alike. This scene drew immediate parallels with a similar moment from ‘Goblin’, reigniting memories for fans and prompting discussions about the similarities between the two supernatural-themed dramas. Notably, both scenes were shot by the same cinematographer, Park Sung Yong.

Fans Accuse Plagiarism, others defend

The revival of the emotional impact from ‘Goblin’ led to accusations by some fans that ‘My Demon’ had plagiarized the concept. Comparisons were also made between the two dramas, as a section of netizens accused the makers of ‘My Demon’ of borrowing elements from ‘Goblin’. However, amidst the controversy, a group of netizens came forward to defend the parallel, arguing that such themes and setups are common in fantasy dramas and have been a part of the genre for many years.

Both ‘My Demon’ and ‘Goblin’ are available for streaming on Netflix, further fueling the ongoing discussions among fans.


Are ‘My Demon’ and ‘Goblin’ related to each other?

No, ‘My Demon’ and ‘Goblin’ have no relation to each other in terms of storyline or characters. They are separate dramas with distinct plots and characters.

What sparked comparisons between ‘My Demon’ and ‘Goblin’?

The comparison stemmed from a particular scene in ‘My Demon’ that bore similarities to a memorable moment in ‘Goblin’. The resemblances reignited discussions and led to accusations of plagiarism.

Where can ‘My Demon’ and ‘Goblin’ be streamed?

Both ‘My Demon’ and ‘Goblin’ are available for streaming on Netflix.


The conclusion of ‘My Demon’ has left an impactful impression on fans, not only due to its captivating storyline and performances but also because of the discussions it sparked related to its similarities with ‘Goblin’. The controversy has ignited a dialogue among fans about originality and the common themes found in fantasy dramas, adding depth to the appreciation of these popular K-dramas.

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