Nayanthara issues apology after Netflix removes her film ‘Annapoorani’ following backlash

Nayanthara, a renowned Indian actor, recently issued an apology on social media following the removal of her film ‘Annapoorani’ from the streaming platform Netflix. The film’s removal came after it sparked controversy and backlash from certain Hindu groups who accused it of spreading anti-Hindu propaganda.

In her Instagram post, Nayanthara expressed her regret, stating that she and her team did not intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments. She emphasized that the intention behind the film was to uplift and inspire, not to cause distress. Moreover, she mentioned that her journey in the film industry has been guided by a singular intention of spreading positivity and fostering learning from one another.

‘Annapoorani’ revolves around the story of the titular character, portrayed by Nayanthara, who comes from a traditional Brahmin family in Srirangam, Tamil Nadu. The film explores her aspirations to become a renowned chef in India and the challenges she faces as she grapples with the conflict between her passion and conservative values. The controversy arose from a particular scene in which the character is persuaded to consume non-vegetarian food, with a reference made to Lord Ram also having consumed it.

The backlash led to Ramesh Solanki, the founder of the Hindu IT cell, voicing his disapproval of the film and subsequently filing a complaint with the police, resulting in the Mumbai Police filing an FIR against the film’s cast and crew, as well as Netflix India’s head.

The issue has brought attention to the sensitivities surrounding religious and cultural representations in the film industry, prompting conversations about the responsibility of creators and platforms in portraying such themes.


1. ✍️What was the controversy surrounding the film ‘Annapoorani’?✍️
The controversy stemmed from allegations by certain Hindu groups that the film ‘Annapoorani’ was spreading anti-Hindu propaganda, particularly in a scene where the protagonist is persuaded to consume non-vegetarian food with a reference made to Lord Ram also having consumed it.

2. ✍️Why did Netflix remove the film from its platform?✍️
Netflix removed the film following the backlash and controversy it generated, as well as concerns raised by certain groups regarding its portrayal of religious and cultural themes.

3. ✍️What was Nayanthara’s response to the controversy?✍️
Nayanthara issued an apology on social media, expressing her regret and clarifying that the film’s intention was to uplift and inspire, not cause distress. She conveyed her team’s lack of intent to hurt anyone’s sentiments and emphasized her belief in spreading positivity through her work.

4. ✍️How did the controversy unfold?✍️
The controversy arose after certain Hindu groups accused the film of spreading anti-Hindu propaganda, leading to a complaint being filed with the police and eventually resulting in the film’s removal from the streaming platform.


The incident involving the film ‘Annapoorani’ highlights the impact of cultural and religious sensitivities in the entertainment industry. It emphasizes the need for creators and platforms to navigate such themes responsibly and sensitively, while also sparking important conversations about creative expression and respectful representation. Nayanthara’s apology and the subsequent debate surrounding the film’s portrayal serve as a reminder of the complexities involved in addressing religious and cultural narratives in the context of artistic expression.

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