Tuesday, September 26

New Zealand not ready to postpone next year’s Test series

In recent news, Richard Brooke, the public affairs manager of New Zealand, has stated that they will not agree to the demand of postponing Africa’s Test series. New Zealand has reported that the home series against Africa will be played from February 4 to 17 only, and Africa is in constant talks trying to postpone the schedule. However, New Zealand is not willing to change the dates of the series.
The reason for Africa’s demand to postpone the series is due to the unavailability of many of their main players for international matches during that time. This is because of the SA20, which is a domestic T20 tournament in South Africa. Many of the African players will be participating in the tournament, and hence, they will not be able to play in the Test series against New Zealand.
However, New Zealand is not willing to change the dates of the series as it will disrupt their own schedule. The team has planned their fixtures well in advance, and any changes to the schedule will cause inconvenience to them. Moreover, New Zealand has already made arrangements for the series, and changing the dates at this stage will not be feasible.

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