Saturday, December 2

ODI WC 2023: India and Pakistan match will now be held on October 14

In a recent development, the highly anticipated 2023 ODI World Cup match between India and Pakistan has been rescheduled from October 15 to October 14. The International Cricket Council (ICC) is expected to release the revised schedule by the end of the week, taking into account this change.
The decision to change the date was made due to logistical reasons and concerns regarding security arrangements. With Navratri, a major Hindu festival, commencing on October 15, it would have been challenging for the police to ensure adequate security for the match on that day. Therefore, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) agreed to the rescheduling, and the match will still take place in Ahmedabad as planned.
It’s important to note that this change in schedule will have a ripple effect on other matches as well. The Sri Lanka-Pakistan match, originally scheduled for October 12 in Hyderabad, will now be held on October 10. This adjustment ensures a smooth flow of the tournament and allows for proper planning and execution of all matches.

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