Saturday, December 2

OnePlus 12 Benchmark Scores Leaked, these features confirmed: Check details

OnePlus 12, the highly anticipated flagship device from OnePlus, is generating a lot of buzz in the tech community. With leaked benchmark scores and information about its display, fans are eagerly awaiting its release, which is expected to be later this year or early next year.

According to leaked benchmark scores on AnTuTu, the OnePlus 12, identified as model PJD110, achieved an impressive score of 2,110,808 points. This confirms that the device will be powered by Qualcomm’s next-generation flagship mobile chipset, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset itself received a score of 4,95,780 points, with the GPU reaching 9,14,151 points. The device also performed well in the UX and memory tests, scoring 3,38,475 and 3,62,402 points, respectively.

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In addition to the benchmark scores, it has been revealed that the OnePlus 12 will feature a QHD+ (1,440 x 3,168) AMOLED display manufactured by BOE. This display is expected to have a peak brightness of 2,600 nits, surpassing some recent flagship devices such as the iPhone 15 Pro and the Pixel 8 Pro. The display has received an A+ rating from Display Mate and is named the ‘X1 Oriental Screen.’ Notably, BOE claims that this panel will consume 13% less power compared to outgoing OLED panels and is expected to have double the lifespan of traditional OLED panels.

While the release date of the OnePlus 12 is still uncertain, it is anticipated to be launched in December or early next year. However, it is important to approach all rumors with caution until the official release.

Overall, the OnePlus 12 is shaping up to be an impressive flagship device with powerful performance and a top-notch display. OnePlus fans and tech enthusiasts alike have high expectations for this upcoming device.

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