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OnePlus OxygenOS software update ended for these smartphones, list inside

OnePlus has announced its OxygenOS 14 open beta timeline, revealing which devices will receive the beta software in the coming months. The OnePlus Pad, Nord 3 5G, and OnePlus 11R will be the first devices to receive the beta in October, while the OnePlus 9 series and older phones like the Nord 2 and CE series are expected to get the update in November. However, this means that several popular OnePlus smartphones will miss out on these major OxygenOS updates.

In July 2021, OnePlus introduced a new update policy for its devices. Flagship devices starting from the OnePlus 8 series will receive three major Android OS updates and four years of security updates. The OnePlus Nord and Nord CE devices will get two major OS updates and three years of security patches. In December 2022, OnePlus expanded its update policy to guarantee four major Android upgrades and five years of security patches for selected flagship models in 2023.

The exclusion of certain devices from the OxygenOS 14 update timeline suggests that these devices will not receive the upcoming flagship OxygenOS based on Android OS. This decision is likely due to outdated and incompatible mechanisms in these smartphones.

The devices will not receive any major software updates but will continue to receive monthly security updates until later this year. OnePlus OxygenOS software update ended for these smartphones

1) OnePlus 8,
2) OnePlus 8 Pro
3) OnePlus Nord 2
4) OnePlus Nord CE 2
5) OnePlus Nord CE 5G
6) OnePlus Nord N200 5G.

The stable launch of OxygenOS 14 will begin with the flagship OnePlus 11 5G, which is set to launch in mid-November. This device will be the first to receive the stable OxygenOS 14 update, indicating that it will have

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