Sunday, December 3

OnePlus Watch 2 with circular display launch on this date, check

OnePlus, a popular smartphone manufacturer, released its first smartwatch in 2021. Now, it is reported that the company is working on the OnePlus Watch 2, which is expected to feature a circular display. This aligns with OnePlus’ focus on implementing a circular design across its product lineup, including upcoming devices like the OnePlus Open and OnePlus 12.

The OnePlus Watch 2 is anticipated to be an improvement over its predecessor. Unlike the original OnePlus Watch, which did not run on WearOS, the upcoming model’s circular form factor suggests that it won’t be an Oppo Watch spinoff. Oppo smartwatches typically have a rectangular design when running on WearOS.

Tipster Max Jambor (@MaxJmb) claimed in a post on X (formerly Twitter) that the OnePlus Watch 2 will likely launch in 2024 and be equipped with a circular display.. While details about the hardware and software capabilities of the OnePlus Watch 2 are currently unknown, it is worth noting that the original OnePlus Watch had limitations due to not running on WearOS. However, it was more affordable compared to other WearOS-powered smartwatches. At present, the OnePlus Watch is not available for sale in India. However, OnePlus does offer the OnePlus Nord Watch, which is a more budget-friendly option priced at Rs 3,999 for those interested in a OnePlus smartwatch.
Overall, OnePlus seems to be expanding its smartwatch lineup with the OnePlus Watch 2, aiming to provide users with an improved and stylish wearable option.

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