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Optical Illusion Challenge: Can you find the number “331” in 10 Seconds?

Optical illusions have been a source of fascination and intrigue for centuries. These mind-bending images play tricks on our brains, challenging our perception of reality. One such optical illusion that has recently captured the internet’s attention is the “331 among 313” challenge. The task at hand may seem simple – find the number “331” hidden within the number “313” – but as you’ll soon discover, it’s not as straightforward as it sounds.

The “331 among 313” challenge has gained popularity on social media, with people attempting to find the hidden number 331 within the larger number 313. At first glance, you might think it’s an easy task, but as you focus on the numbers, you’ll quickly realize that there’s more to this optical illusion than meets the eye.

The optical illusion at the heart of this challenge plays on our brain’s tendency to fill in gaps and look for patterns. The number “331” is cleverly hidden within the number “313” by manipulating the surrounding numbers and creating a visual puzzle. As you examine the image, you’ll notice that the numbers are not arranged in a typical horizontal sequence. Instead, they are scattered across multiple rows and columns, making the task of finding the hidden number more challenging.

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Setup 10 10-second timer on your smartwatch

Start the challenge and find the number 331 in given time.

Hurry up! Clock is ticking
2 Seconds More

Stop! Time’ up

The Answer to the Optical Illusion Challenge

If you’ve attempted to solve the “331 among 313” challenge and are still stumped, don’t worry; you’re not alone. This optical illusion is designed to trick the brain, and many individuals struggle to find the hidden number at first glance. So, where exactly is the elusive “331” hidden?

The answer to the challenge is that the number “331” can be found on the 13th row, on the right side of the picture.

To see it clearly, take a step back from the image, or squint your eyes to blur the details. When you do this, the hidden “331” should become more apparent. This technique allows your brain to focus on the essential elements and filter out the distracting details.

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