Parineeti Chopra shares precious glimpses of her live singing debut: ‘Everything I could have asked for’

✍️Parineeti Chopra’s Live Singing Debut At Mumbai Festival 2024✍️

Parineeti Chopra, renowned for her acting prowess in the Indian film industry, recently captivated fans with her inaugural live singing performance at the vibrant Mumbai Festival 2024. This marked a significant move for the versatile artist as she ventures into the captivating world of music in addition to her successful acting career. The Bollywood diva dazzled the audience with her melodious voice, leaving a lasting impression with her enchanting debut.

✍️Glimpses of the Live Singing Debut✍️

Parineeti Chopra, widely recognized for her exceptional talent, shared treasured moments of her milestone live singing debut on her Instagram account. Dressed in a stunning shimmery black outfit paired with a chic blazer, she exuded elegance and charm. Accompanied by a chunky neckpiece and sharp makeup, Parineeti showcased her impeccable style. Expressing her elation, she wrote, “Andddd, it’s done… I have tears of joy as I type this: MY FIRST EVER LIVE SINGING PERFORMANCE was last night, and it was everything I could wish for and more ❤️ Thank you all for the love and kindness you have shown. It means a lot to me.”

✍️Upcoming Projects✍️

In her recent work, Parineeti Chopra was last seen on-screen in ‘Mission Raniganj’ alongside Akshay Kumar. Her future endeavors include featuring in ‘Chamkila,’ a film directed by Imtiaz Ali and co-starring Diljit Dosanjh. Notably, in ‘Chamkila,’ she will portray the role of singer Amarjot Kaur, a character deeply intertwined with the tragic events of 1988. The film promises to engage audiences with an impactful narrative and compelling performances.


Parineeti Chopra’s foray into live singing has marked an exciting chapter in her multifaceted artistic journey. As she continues to delight audiences with her remarkable talent, her expansion into music adds another layer of admiration for her fans. With her compelling performances and undeniably charming presence, she is sure to carve a special place in the music industry alongside her esteemed acting career.


✍️Q: What was the event where Parineeti Chopra made her live singing debut?✍️
A: Parineeti Chopra’s first live singing performance took place at the Mumbai Festival 2024.

✍️Q: What upcoming film will Parineeti Chopra be featuring in?✍️
A: Parineeti will be seen in ‘Chamkila,’ directed by Imtiaz Ali and co-starring Diljit Dosanjh, where she will play the role of singer Amarjot Kaur.

✍️Q: Is Parineeti Chopra known for her acting or singing career?✍️
A: Parineeti Chopra is renowned for her acting career and has recently ventured into live singing, gaining praise and admiration for her performance.

✍️Q: What was Parineeti Chopra wearing during her live singing debut?✍️
A: Parineeti Chopra was dressed in a shimmery black outfit paired with a chic blazer for her live singing debut, exuding elegance and style.

✍️Q: Who starred alongside Parineeti Chopra in her latest film, ‘Mission Raniganj’?✍️
A: Parineeti featured alongside Akshay Kumar in ‘Mission Raniganj.’

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