Pooja Bhatt, Tahira Kashyap slam Poonam Pandey for faking her death: ‘Absolute disgrace & disservice’

Title: Poonam Pandey faces backlash from Pooja Bhatt and Tahira Kashyap for faking her death

Poonam Pandey’s recent stunt of faking her death as a means to bring awareness to cervical cancer has sparked strong criticism from various quarters. Public figures like Pooja Bhatt and Tahira Kashyap have expressed their disapproval of Pandey’s actions, branding it as a “disgrace” and a “cheap publicity stunt”.

Pooja Bhatt, a well-known personality in the Indian film industry, expressed her shock and condolences upon hearing the news of Poonam Pandey’s supposed demise due to cervical cancer. However, after learning that it was a fabricated story, she deleted her previous tweet offering condolences and condemned Pandey’s stunt. Pooja Bhatt highlighted the insensitivity and disrespect in artificially engineering such news, particularly in a context where many are actively battling cancer. This whole incident has left her appalled and disappointed.

Tahira Kashyap, a cancer survivor herself and known for speaking openly about her journey, also expressed her dismay over Pandey’s approach to raising awareness. She condemned the use of such cheap publicity stunts and disparaged the importance given to sensational news at any cost. Through her response, she underscored the need to be more responsible and considerate in addressing serious health issues.

The outcry from these influential individuals reflects a broader sentiment on social media, where many users have also spoken out against Poonam Pandey’s actions. The incident has ignited a conversation about the ethical means of creating awareness around critical health concerns and the potential impact of misleading information.

This event serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible advocacy and accurate representation, especially when it concerns sensitive and potentially distressing subjects like cancer. True awareness-building efforts should be grounded in respect for those directly affected by the issue and a commitment to imparting accurate information.

➤# FAQs
1. ✍️What was Poonam Pandey’s stunt regarding her death?✍️
Poonam Pandey’s team issued a statement on her official Instagram account, falsely claiming that she had lost the battle to cervical cancer, which had a significant impact on social media.

2. ✍️Why did Pooja Bhatt and Tahira Kashyap criticize Poonam Pandey?✍️
Pooja Bhatt and Tahira Kashyap criticized Poonam Pandey for faking her death as part of an awareness campaign, deeming it disrespectful and a cheap publicity stunt.

3. ✍️How has the public reacted to Poonam Pandey’s actions?✍️
The public, including social media users, has expressed strong disapproval of Poonam Pandey’s stunt, highlighting the insensitivity and potential harm caused by such misleading actions.

➤# Conclusion
The controversy surrounding Poonam Pandey’s fabricated death and subsequent explanation has generated widespread condemnation, particularly from influential figures like Pooja Bhatt and Tahira Kashyap. This incident serves as a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of leveraging sensationalism and falsehoods in the name of awareness. The episode underscores the importance of responsible and genuine efforts when addressing sensitive issues such as cancer, emphasizing the need for empathy, accuracy, and sincerity in advocating for public health causes.

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