Tuesday, September 26

Pope said, Church gates are open for LGBT too

Pope Francis’s recent statement regarding the Catholic Church’s openness to all, including women and homosexuals, marks a significant shift in the Church’s stance towards the LGBT community. The Pope emphasized that the Church is open to everyone, but also acknowledged that there are certain rules and limitations within its operations.
While the Pope’s statement is a positive step towards inclusivity, it’s important to note that the Church still maintains certain restrictions on the participation of LGBT individuals in certain church rituals. The specific rituals that they may be excluded from were not explicitly mentioned, but it is likely referring to sacraments such as marriage or ordination.
The Pope emphasized that the ministers of the Church should treat those who do not follow the rules with love, comparing it to a mother’s love. This suggests that while the Church may have certain guidelines and expectations, it should approach those who do not adhere to them with compassion and understanding.
Regarding the issue of women becoming priests, the Pope reiterated the Church’s stance that only men can be ordained as priests. This position is based on the belief that Jesus chose only men as his apostles, and therefore, the Church follows this tradition. However, it is worth noting that there have been ongoing discussions and debates within the Church about the possibility of allowing women to become priests.

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