Pranutan Bahl to make her Hollywood debut with ‘Coco & Nut’ opposite Rahsaan Noor

# Pranutan Bahl gears up for her Hollywood debut in ‘Coco & Nut’

Bollywood actress Pranutan Bahl is set to break into Hollywood with her upcoming film ‘Coco & Nut,’ where she will be seen opposite American actor-filmmaker Rahsaan Noor. This highly anticipated romantic saga is not just an exciting prospect for Pranutan but also a significant step in her career, as she ventures into international cinema. The film, co-produced by multiple production houses, is slated to hit the floors in June 2022 and is expected to release in 2025.

➤ Pranutan Bahl’s Hollywood Debut

Pranutan Bahl, known for her roles in Bollywood films such as ‘Notebook’ (2019) and ‘Helmet’ (2021), is now ready to make her mark on the global film landscape with ‘Coco & Nut.’ The film is an ambitious and unique multicultural collaboration, blending the English and Hindi languages to bring a diverse and compelling narrative to the audience.

➤ About ‘Coco & Nut’

The film’s official synopsis sets the stage for an intriguing and relatable story: “Feeling worthless, an ambitious young woman (Pranutan) fighting to save her marriage gets a new pick-me-up from her know-it-all college sweetheart (Rahsaan).” The romantic narrative promises to capture the hearts of audiences with its universal themes and culturally blended storytelling.

➤ Production Details

The production of ‘Coco & Nut’ is a result of combined efforts from several production houses, including Hamilton Moving Pictures, Ziryab Films, and Macuverse. Notably, the film has been written by Rahsaan Noor and Raghav Murali, with additional screenplay credits going to Priyamvada Singh. The collaboration of talents and resources from both Bollywood and Hollywood sets the stage for an exciting and impactful cinematic experience.

➤ Conclusion

Pranutan Bahl’s entry into Hollywood with ‘Coco & Nut’ marks a significant milestone in her career and opens up new opportunities for showcasing her talent on an international platform. With the combined creativity and expertise of the teams involved, this highly anticipated film promises to be a captivating addition to the global film industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

➤# What is the genre of the film ‘Coco & Nut’?
‘Coco & Nut’ is a romance saga featuring a multicultural narrative that will be presented in both English and Hindi languages.

➤# When is the film expected to release?
The film is anticipated to go on the floors in June 2022 and is scheduled for release in 2025.

➤# Who is the co-star of Pranutan Bahl in ‘Coco & Nut’?
Pranutan Bahl will be seen opposite American actor-filmmaker Rahsaan Noor in the film.

➤# Who are the producers of the film?
The film is being produced by Hamilton Moving Pictures’ Chad Shields, alongside Ranjith Rajasekharan and Raghav Murali, with co-production credits to Ziryab Films and Macuverse.

➤# What are Pranutan Bahl’s notable Bollywood roles?
Pranutan Bahl is recognized for her roles in Bollywood films such as ‘Notebook’ (2019) and ‘Helmet’ (2021).

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