Monday, December 4

Protesters in Georgia asked to withdraw the ‘Russian law’ in 2 hours, the government agreed

Tbilisi | The government came on the backfoot after two consecutive days of violent protests in Georgia, a country located at the junction of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. It has unconditionally withdrawn the “Foreign Agents” Bill. This proposed bill was inspired by the Russian law. The ruling Georgian Dream party said it wanted to reduce “conflict” in society. In fact, protests began on Tuesday against the Foreign Agents Law. Will be registered as agents (foreign spies) During the discussion in the Parliament, there was a scuffle between the MPs.

The proposed Foreign Agents Act was passed in the first phase on Tuesday. Thousands of people took to the streets to protest against this bill. About one lakh people gathered outside the Parliament House on Wednesday night. Police also fired petrol bombs, tear gas shells on the crowd to disperse them. After this, the people leading the protest warned the government to withdraw the law in two hours. Also, release those detained immediately. Seeing public anger, the government came under pressure and withdrew the bill. Earlier, President Salomi Zourabichvili also offered her support to the protesters.

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