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PUBG Mobile: Best M249 Loadout with Complete Attachment Setup

The M249 Light Machine Gun in PUBG Mobile is indeed a formidable weapon that can decimate entire squads with its high magazine capacity and rate of fire. To optimize its performance, there are several attachments that you should consider using.

The recommended loadout for the M249 in PUBG Mobile includes the following attachments:  

1. Scope: Red Dot Sight – The Red Dot Sight provides a clear and precise aiming point, allowing for better accuracy in mid-range engagements. It is a versatile scope that works well with the M249.

2. Stock: Tactical Stock – The Tactical Stock attachment is crucial for reducing recoil and weapon shake. This makes the M249 more suitable for long-range encounters, as it helps to maintain better control over the weapon during sustained fire.

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3. Tactical Attachment: Gun Shield – The Gun Shield attachment provides additional protection to the player while using the M249. It can absorb some incoming damage, giving you an advantage in gunfights and increasing your survivability.

4. Magazine: Extended Quickdraw Magazine – The Extended Quickdraw Magazine is a must-have attachment for the M249. It increases the magazine capacity from the base 75 bullets to 150 bullets, making it more suitable for duo and squad modes. Additionally, it reduces the reload time, allowing for faster and uninterrupted gameplay.
The M249 has a power rating of 41, a rate of fire of 87, a range of 57, and a magazine size of 75 (which can be increased to 150 with the Extended Quickdraw Magazine attachment). The recoil rating is 76, but with the Tactical Stock attachment, the recoil can be significantly reduced, making the weapon more manageable during engagements.

It’s worth noting that while the M249 and MG3 are both light machine guns, they have distinct differences. The M249 supports more attachments, providing greater versatility and customization options. The Extended Quickdraw Magazine and Tactical Stock attachments make the M249 a more suitable choice for players looking for high magazine capacity and reduced recoil.

To enhance your gaming experience with the M249 and other weapons in PUBG Mobile, using a Razer Kishi mobile game controller is recommended. This controller can improve your control and precision, giving you an edge in intense battles. By utilizing the recommended loadout and understanding the weapon’s stats, you can unlock the full potential of the M249 in PUBG Mobile and dominate your opponents on the battlefield.

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