Sunday, December 3

PUBG Mobile Hackers Ban: 412,753 accounts banned permanently for cheating

PUBG Mobile has implemented an updated version of its Ban Pan 2.0 system to combat cheating in the game. This system issues permanent bans to PUBG Mobile accounts that are found to be cheating. To keep players informed about the number of accounts banned, PUBG Mobile releases weekly reports detailing the bans.
In the latest Ban Pan Report, it is revealed that Level Infinite has permanently suspended 412,753 PUBG Mobile accounts for cheating during week 39. This highlights the significant number of players who engage in malpractice and compromise the fair gameplay experience for others.

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The report provides insights into the types of cheating that were detected and resulted in bans. Auto-aim, which allows players to automatically target enemies, accounted for 17% of the bans. X-ray vision, which enables players to see enemy locations through walls, led to the banning of 8% of the cheaters. Speed hacks, which give players an unfair advantage by allowing them to move faster than others, resulted in 7% of the bans. Modification of area damage, where players increase bullet damage to kill others more easily, accounted for 8% of the bans. The majority of cheaters, 60%, were banned for using third-party plugins that allowed them to modify their character.

The Ban Pan system utilizes data from player matches to identify suspicious activity, and players can also report suspected cheaters to the system. Additionally, the Ban Pan system has a team of human investigators who manually review reports of cheating. If a player is found to be hackers they will be banned from PUBG Mobile, with the severity of the ban depending on the type of cheating detected. For example, a player caught using a wallhack may receive a shorter ban compared to a player caught using an aimbot.

By implementing a strong anti-cheat system and regularly banning cheaters, PUBG Mobile aims to maintain the integrity of fair gameplay and provide a better experience for all players.

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