Tuesday, September 26

Punjab: 32 lakh fraud, pump owner named in case of selling petrol pump

A case has been registered against Narinder Kumar, the owner of a Hindustan Petroleum Corporation pump located in Sandeh Hasham village, for fraudulent activities. Karanveer Singh reported that he had made a deal with Narinder to purchase the pump for 31.80 lakhs, but Narinder did not transfer the name of the pump to Karanveer. The transfer of the name requires the approval of the company, and it cannot be done from the reservation quota to the general quota without the company’s consent. By taking the money from Karanveer and not transferring the name, Narinder cheated both Karanveer and the company. ASI Balveer Singh confirmed that a case has been registered against Narinder under sections 406 and 420.

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