Punjab: Dengue kills 35 year old in Pathankot

The district of Pathankot in Punjab is witnessing an increase in the number of dengue patients, primarily due to the development of larvae in various districts of the state. The health department teams are on high alert and actively working to address the situation.
Unfortunately, another person suspected of having dengue, a 35-year-old named Sunny Kumar from the village of Pachchochak, has passed away. He was admitted to a private medical college in Badhani. However, it is important to note that the case has not yet been confirmed by the Health Department. Epidemiologist Dr. Sakshi has stated that while the patient’s admission to the medical college has been confirmed, the medical report necessary to establish the cause of death based on dengue treatment and tests is still pending. The report will play a crucial role in confirming whether dengue was indeed the cause of death.
In situations like these, it is essential to await the official confirmation from the Health Department before drawing any conclusions. The medical report will provide a comprehensive understanding of the situation and enable appropriate actions to be taken based on accurate information.

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