Monday, December 4

Punjab: Rotational irrigation program for Rabi season continues till April 4

Announcing the canal program for the Rabi season, a spokesman of the Water Resources Department, Punjab, said that from March 28 to April 4, the Sirhind canal system ie third, fourth and fifth canals would be run on priority basis. The canals originating from Bhakra Main Line which is in Group ‘A’ will be given full water on first priority basis. Ghaggar Link and Ghaggar Branch and PNC. Group ‘B’ people will get the remaining water on second priority basis. All the tributaries originating from Sirhind feeder, which are in Group ‘A’, will get full water on priority basis. The lower branch Abohar and its tributaries from Sirhind feeder which are in Group ‘B’ will get the remaining water on second priority.

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