Rajinikanth clears the air on the alleged feud with Thalapathy Vijay: ‘He is going to politics next’ 

✍️Rajinikanth Addresses Alleged Feud with Thalapathy Vijay, Speaks About His Political Journey and Upcoming Projects✍️

Superstar Rajinikanth has recently clarified the speculations surrounding his alleged feud with fellow actor Thalapathy Vijay. During the audio launch event of ‘Lal Salaam,’ Rajinikanth candidly addressed the rumors and ensured that there is no rivalry between him and Vijay. He emphasized that the crow-eagle story he previously shared was not directed at Vijay, urging fans to refrain from pitting them against each other.

Rajinikanth also commended Vijay’s journey, recalling how he watched Vijay grow up and develop his passion for acting. He advised Vijay to prioritize education during their initial encounter and acknowledged Vijay’s rise to success through hard work, discipline, and talent. Additionally, he shared the news that Vijay will be stepping into politics, expressing disappointment at the idea of being perceived as competitors.

These statements from the iconic actor solidify the amicable relationship between the two and highlight the mutual respect they share for each other’s accomplishments. Rajinikanth’s emphasis on the significance of harmonious coexistence within the film industry serves as a testament to his gracious and supportive nature.

In his upcoming projects, Rajinikanth’s film ‘Lal Salaam,’ directed by Aishwarya Rajnikanth and presented by A. Subaskaran, is highly anticipated. Originally scheduled for a Pongal release, the film’s premiere has been rescheduled to February 9, creating buzz and excitement among fans.


✍️1. What is the context of the crow-eagle story shared by Rajinikanth?✍️
The crow-eagle story shared by Rajinikanth was misinterpreted as being directed at Thalapathy Vijay, leading to speculations of a feud between the two stars. However, Rajinikanth clarified that the story was not about Vijay but rather a misinterpretation spread on social media.

✍️2. What are Rajinikanth’s views on his relationship with Thalapathy Vijay?✍️
Rajinikanth emphasized that there is no rivalry between him and Thalapathy Vijay and discouraged their fans from viewing them as competitors. He expressed his disappointment at the idea of being pitted against Vijay and highlighted the respect he holds for Vijay’s achievements in the film industry.

✍️3. What was Rajinikanth’s advice to Vijay during their initial encounter?✍️
Rajinikanth advised Vijay to focus on completing his education before pursuing a career in acting. He acknowledged Vijay’s adherence to discipline, hard work, and talent, which contributed to his success in the industry.


Rajinikanth’s statements have effectively dispelled any rumors of a feud with Thalapathy Vijay, emphasizing the mutual respect and support they share. His plea for fans to avoid comparison and rivalry serves as a reminder of the healthy coexistence and camaraderie within the entertainment industry. As Rajinikanth gears up for the release of ‘Lal Salaam,’ his fans eagerly anticipate witnessing his remarkable on-screen presence once again.

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