Ramayan Stars Arun Govil and Dipika Chikhlia Visit Ayodhya Ahead of Ram Temple’s ‘Pran Prathishtha’ Ceremony

Renowned for their iconic portrayals of Lord Ram and Sita in Ramanand Sagar’s TV series Ramayan, actors Arun Govil and Dipika Chikhlia recently visited Ayodhya on January 17, along with Sunil Lahri, who played Laxman. This visit comes ahead of the ‘Pran prathishtha’ ceremony of the Ram Temple, set to take place on January 22. The trio is among the many celebrities invited for the auspicious inauguration.

The video showcasing the actors strolling in traditional attire has garnered significant attention. Dipika adorned a crimson saree, while Arun and Sunil chose the path of traditional simplicity by donning yellow kurtas.

In addition to their visit, the actors are reported to have filmed a music album titled ‘Humare Ram Aayenge’. The song, sung by Sonu Nigam, has been shot at various iconic locations in Ayodhya.

Sharing his thoughts on the significance of the Ram Temple, Arun Govil expressed, “Ayodhya’s Ram temple will prove to be our ‘Rashtra Mandir.’ The culture that had faded in the last few years across the world, this temple will again send a message that will strengthen our culture.”

Sunil Lahri also shared his sentiments, stating, “I am very fortunate to be attending the Pran Pratishtha Mahotsav, I am getting a chance to know what I did not know, the atmosphere created in the country is very religious and is very positive and it will give a very positive feeling to the world.”

Deepika Chikhalia reflected on the enduring impact of their portrayals, saying, “Our image has settled in the hearts of the people, even after the construction of Ram temple, I do not think there will be any change in it, Ram Lala’s life is being consecrated, people have given a lot of love. The characters of Ramayana will continue to receive similar love.”

With preparations for the Pran Pratistha event in Ayodhya at their peak, an anticipated attendance of over 7,000 individuals, including politicians, industrialists, saints, and celebrities from various parts of the nation, is expected. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to grace the occasion as the Chief Guest. Furthermore, approximately 100 delegates from diverse countries are set to partake in the consecration ceremony.

The seven-day rituals leading up to the event will commence in Ayodhya starting from Tuesday. The idol of Ram Lalla, crafted by the talented artist Arun Yogiraj based in Mysuru, has been chosen for installation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: When is the ‘Pran prathishtha’ ceremony of the Ram Temple set to take place?

A: The ‘Pran prathishtha’ ceremony of the Ram Temple is scheduled to take place on January 22.

Q: Who are the actors from Ramayan who visited Ayodhya ahead of the ceremony?

A: Arun Govil, Dipika Chikhlia, and Sunil Lahri, known for their portrayals of Lord Ram, Sita, and Laxman, respectively, in Ramanand Sagar’s TV series Ramayan, visited Ayodhya ahead of the ceremony.

Q: What is the significance of the Ram Temple according to Arun Govil?

A: Arun Govil believes that the Ram temple in Ayodhya will serve as the ‘Rashtra Mandir,’ strengthening the culture and sending a message that will be known to the whole world, becoming a source of inspiration and national pride.


The upcoming ‘Pran prathishtha’ ceremony of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya has drawn attention with the visit of Ramayan actors Arun Govil, Dipika Chikhlia, and Sunil Lahri. Their visit, along with the anticipation of various dignitaries and delegates at the consecration ceremony, underscores the significance of this event. The enthusiasm surrounding the event reflects the enduring impact of the Ramayana story and its characters on the hearts of people, as well as the cultural and national pride associated with the construction of the Ram Temple.

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