Redragon FYZU M995 Gaming Mouse Review- See Full Specification And More Details

# Redragon FYZU M995 Gaming Mouse: Precision, Speed, and Comfort

If you’re a passionate gamer, you understand the importance of precision, speed, and comfort in gaming peripherals. The Redragon FYZU M995 gaming mouse is a game-changer in the world of gaming accessories, designed to deliver unparalleled performance and enhance the gaming experience. Equipped with cutting-edge features such as Tri-Mode Connectivity, Pentakill Precision, and a Featherweight Design, the M995 offers a seamless and immersive gaming experience.

➤ Redragon FYZU M995 Gaming Mouse Review: Exploring its Features

➤# Tri-Mode Connectivity for Uninterrupted Battles

The M995 features Tri-Mode Connect Tech, seamlessly integrating Bluetooth (BT) and a 2.4GHz nano receiver. This ensures a lag-free and precise response, allowing gamers to unleash their full potential in every intense gaming session. The featherweight design of the M995 provides a smooth and immersive gaming experience.

➤# Pentakill Precision with 5 DPI Levels

With 5 redefinable DPI levels ranging from 1000 to 26000, the M995 allows gamers to achieve the perfect balance between speed and accuracy. This precision, combined with tri-mode connectivity, allows gamers to reach their full potential and dominate the virtual battlefield.

➤# Effortless Keybinding and Macro Customization

The M995 comes equipped with 6 programmable buttons, allowing for personalized keybinds and tactical macros. This enhances the gaming and work experiences, ensuring the seamless execution of commands.

➤# Featherweight Design for On-the-Go Gaming

Weighing a mere 51 grams, the M995 boasts a durable structure, facilitating swift and accurate movements. Its compact and portable design makes it the ideal travel companion, ensuring gaming prowess is not confined to a single location.

➤# Comfort Redefined with Skin-Friendly Coating

The mouse’s surface features a skin-friendly frosted coating, providing a comfortable, fingerprint-free tactility. This meticulous design detail enhances control, ensuring every move feels natural and precise.

➤# Essential Software for Personalized Gaming Vibes

The Redragon Pro driver empowers users to customize the mouse’s aesthetics with a red LED, reflecting their gaming vibe. The software also supports complex macros and customizable key binds for all 6 buttons, putting the power in the users’ hands to tailor the gaming setup to suit their unique preferences and playstyle.

➤ Technical Specifications:

– DPI Range: 100-26,000
– Sensor: High-precision Optical Sensor 3395
– Connectivity: BT/2.4G/Wired Wireless/ Type-C Wired
– Weight: 51g
– Backlit: Yes (Only Wheel Scroll)
– Macro Buttons: 6
– Package Size: 4.96 x 2.51 x 1.57 inches

➤ Package Contents:

– Wired M995:
– 1 x Redragon M995 Mouse
– 1 x Type C Cable
– 1 x Redragon Sticker
– 1 x User Manual

– Tri-Mode M995:
– 1 x Redragon M995 Mouse
– 1 x Type C Cable
– 1 x Receiver
– 1 x Redragon Sticker
– 1 x User Manual

➤ Why is this mouse important?

With the right gaming peripherals by your side, the possibilities are endless. Enhance your gaming experience with the FYZU M995 and embark on the next gaming adventure with confidence and style. Elevate your gaming to new heights with the FYZU M995 – where precision meets style, and victory is just a click away.


➤# 1. Is the Redragon FYZU M995 compatible with Mac computers?
Yes, the Redragon FYZU M995 is compatible with Mac computers in addition to Windows PCs.

➤# 2. Can the buttons on the Redragon FYZU M995 be customized for different functions?
Yes, the Redragon FYZU M995 comes with software support that allows for customizable button functions and macros.

➤# 3. Does the Redragon FYZU M995 have RGB lighting?
The Redragon FYZU M995 features a red LED light that can be customized using the Redragon Pro driver software.

➤ Conclusion

The Redragon FYZU M995 gaming mouse is a powerful gaming peripheral that combines precision, speed, and comfort to enhance the gaming experience. With its advanced features, including tri-mode connectivity, pentakill precision, and a featherweight design, it offers a seamless and immersive gaming experience for both casual and competitive gamers.

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