Remembering Edwill Van Aarde: A Tribute to a Broadcasting Legend

On January 3, 2024, the world bid farewell to a broadcasting icon, Edwill van Aarde. His passing in Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa, marked the end of a prolific career that spanned over five decades. Edwill’s contributions to sports commentary and broadcasting, his engaging presence on radio and television, and his enduring impact have left an indelible mark on South African media.

Edwill Van Aarde’s Illustrious Career

Edwill van Aarde was a versatile talent in the world of broadcasting, showcasing his passion for sports commentary, radio, and television. His remarkable career encompassed covering 517 cricket games, 134 rugby matches, 12 Comrades marathons, and 5 Wimbledon men’s tennis finals, establishing him as a renowned figure in the sports commentary landscape.

Additionally, his engaging presence was felt through the popular radio program “Afrikaans treffers,” a music program celebrating the biggest hits worldwide, which reached its 40th anniversary in 2015. On television, he captivated audiences as the presenter of “Flinkdink,” a quiz program that tested general knowledge, where his role extended to organizing and researching for the show.

Who Was Edwill Van Aarde?

Edwill van Aarde was born on December 20, 1938, in Kimberley, South Africa, and was a proud South African who made history in 2011 with a record 50 years of uninterrupted service as a presenter and commentator. He attended Diamantveld High School and became known for his significant contributions to sports broadcasting throughout his career, leaving a lasting impact on the industry.

Edwill Van Aarde’s Legacy

Despite the specifics of his passing remaining private, Edwill’s legacy lives on through his significant and enduring impact on South African broadcasting. His dedication, passion, and invaluable contributions have left an indelible mark on the industry, and he will be remembered as a broadcasting legend whose influence extended far beyond the airwaves.


What is Edwill Van Aarde best known for?

Edwill Van Aarde was best known for his 50-year uninterrupted service as a presenter and commentator in the South African broadcasting industry, as well as his coverage of various sports including cricket, rugby, marathons, and tennis.

What were Edwill Van Aarde’s notable programs?

Edwill was known for presenting the radio program “Afrikaans treffers” and hosting the quiz program “Flinkdink” on television. “Afrikaans treffers” celebrated the biggest hits in South Africa and marked its 40th anniversary in 2015, while “Flinkdink” was a quiz program that tested general knowledge.

What was Edwill Van Aarde’s age at the time of his passing?

Edwill Van Aarde was 85 years old at the time of his passing on January 3, 2024.

In Conclusion

Edwill van Aarde’s remarkable career and enduring impact on South African broadcasting have left a lasting legacy. His dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to his craft have cemented his status as a broadcasting legend. While the details surrounding his passing may remain private, the influence of Edwill Van Aarde will continue to be cherished in the world of broadcasting for years to come.

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