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Scary Video of Zookeeper cuddles with huge alligator goes viral: Watch

In the world of social media, where viral videos range from heartwarming to downright bizarre, a recent clip shared by Jay Brewer, the founder of the Reptile Zoo, has taken the internet by storm. The video features Brewer engaging in an unusual activity – cuddling with a massive alligator named Darth Gator. The footage has garnered both amazement and concern from viewers, sparking a debate on the fine line between bravery and recklessness in the world of exotic animal handling.

The video begins with Brewer lying on the floor, setting the stage for an unexpected showdown with Darth Gator. The massive alligator, an imposing figure, lies on top of Brewer, creating a scene that could be straight out of a suspenseful movie. The caption accompanying the video reveals that Brewer and Darth Gator decided to settle their differences to determine who’s in charge. Brewer humorously acknowledges that this time, the gator got the best of him but vows to return for another round.


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As the video progresses, viewers witness an astonishing moment as Brewer and Darth Gator engage in what can only be described as a cuddle session. The sight of a zookeeper embracing a gigantic alligator may leave some viewers in awe, while others are left with a sense of unease. The seemingly affectionate interaction between human and reptile challenges conventional expectations of the nature of these creatures.

Since its upload on Instagram, the video has garnered significant attention, amassing close to 3.5 lakh views and over 14,000 likes within a day. The comments section reflects a spectrum of reactions, with some expressing fear and concern for Brewer’s safety, while others commend his bravery and unique bond with the massive reptile. The video has undeniably sparked conversations about the ethics and safety of such close interactions with wild animals.

People’s reactions to the video have been diverse, ranging from expressions of fear to admiration for Brewer’s courage. Some viewers were quick to question the sanity of engaging in such activities, emphasizing the potential dangers associated with handling a creature as formidable as Darth Gator. Others, however, praised Brewer for his dedication to fostering a connection with the alligator, acknowledging the risks involved in working with exotic animals.

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