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Scary Viral Video of a man catches huge Cobra with his hands, watch

In the vast realm of social media, where captivating wildlife videos often take center stage, a recent post by Susanta Nanda, an Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer, has sent waves of excitement and awe through Twitter. The video in question captures the dramatic rescue and release of a massive king cobra, showcasing the remarkable skills of trained snake catchers and emphasizing the importance of coexisting with these majestic creatures.

Susanta Nanda, known for curating a timeline filled with diverse and captivating wildlife content, shared a video that has left viewers both fascinated and on the edge of their seats. As an IFS officer, Nanda’s commitment to wildlife conservation and education shines through his posts. The latest video, featuring the rescue of a nearly 15-foot-long king cobra, serves as a testament to the crucial role these snakes play in maintaining ecological balance.

The video, posted on May 4, documents the entire rescue operation conducted by trained snake catchers. The king cobra, a species revered for its majestic appearance and vital role in the food chain, is seen being skillfully handled and later released back into the wild. Nanda emphasizes the significance of leaving such operations to professionals, urging viewers not to attempt such rescues independently. Since its posting, the video has garnered nearly 38,000 views, with close to 1,200 likes, attesting to its widespread appeal. The comments section reveals a spectrum of reactions from Twitter users, reflecting both admiration for the rescue efforts and a sense of awe mixed with trepidation.

Among the reactions, one user commended the rescuers, describing them as “skilled and kind.” Another acknowledged the majestic beauty of the king cobra but admitted hesitancy about encountering such a creature in real life. The sentiment of appreciation continued, with users expressing admiration for the professionalism exhibited during the rescue and release operation.

The dichotomy between the perceived majesty of the king cobra and the underlying fear it instills in some viewers adds depth to the online discourse. While the snake’s beauty is acknowledged, there is an acknowledgment of the primal fear associated with encountering such formidable reptiles.

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