Sonam Kapoor Adorns Mom Sunita’s 35-Year-Old Ghar Chola for Friend’s Wedding: A Fashionable Tribute

Recently, actor Sonam Kapoor took to Instagram to share her unique fashion statement by donning a three-decade-old outfit belonging to her mother, Sunita Kapoor, at a friend’s wedding. Sonam wore a printed maroon blouse and matching saree, accompanied by jewelry, expressing her gratitude to her mother in the caption. Additionally, she asked her followers if they knew the significance of the ‘ghar chola’ in the comment section, sparking curiosity and engagement among fans.

Mom’s Heartwarming Reaction

Sunita Kapoor responded to the post with red heart emojis, showcasing her delight and approval of Sonam’s choice. Ayesha Shroff also expressed her admiration with the comment, ‘Love it!!!’

Positive Fan Reactions

Followers and fans were quick to show their support, with many praising Sonam for her fashion sustainability and charm. Comments ranged from commending her incredible looks to appreciating her choice to repeat outfits, even if they are decades old.

Sonam’s Unique Fashion Choices

Sonam Kapoor is known for her distinctive and captivating fashion sense. From attending the Paris Haute Couture Week in a striking ensemble to showing her appreciation for vintage fashion by wearing her mother’s ghar chola, Sonam continues to make bold and iconic style statements.

Upcoming Projects

After appearing in the film ‘Blind’, Sonam Kapoor marked her return to acting after a maternity break. She was last seen alongside Purab Kohli, Vinay Pathak, and Lillete Dubey in prominent roles. Sonam Kapoor has also signed on for two new projects, indicating an exciting phase in her career.


What is a ghar chola?

Ghar chola is a traditional Indian outfit, typically consisting of a blouse and a saree that holds a deep sentimental value. It is often passed down through generations and holds significant emotional and cultural meaning.

What are Sonam Kapoor’s upcoming projects?

Sonam Kapoor has signed on for two new projects after her break, demonstrating her continued dedication to her acting career.

How did fans react to Sonam Kapoor’s post?

Fans and followers were extremely supportive, praising Sonam for her sustainable fashion choices and celebrating the sentimental significance of her outfit.

What was Sonam Kapoor’s recent fashion appearance?

Prior to donning her mother’s ghar chola, Sonam Kapoor made a statement at the Paris Haute Couture Week with a striking ensemble, showcasing her unique and captivating fashion choices.


Sonam Kapoor’s decision to wear her mother’s 35-year-old ghar chola not only reflects her unique fashion sense but also pays homage to the sentimental value and cultural significance of traditional attire. Her post garnered positive reactions from fans and the heartwarming approval of her mother, Sunita Kapoor. This gesture serves as a reminder of the enduring connection between fashion and emotion, while also signaling an exciting new chapter in Sonam Kapoor’s acting career, marked by her upcoming projects.

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