Song Kang makes his final appearance before military enlistment, watch

✍️Song Kang’s Last Public Appearance Before Military Enlistment✍️

South Korean heartthrob Song Kang made his final public appearance before his mandatory military service at a promotional event for a brand. The actor, known for his roles in popular K-dramas such as ‘Sweet Home’ and ‘My Demon’, will soon be enlisting for his military duties. His recent appearance marked a poignant moment for his fans and followers as they bid farewell to the actor before his enlistment.

During the event, Song Kang was asked to perform a military salute by photographers present at the venue. In a light-hearted moment, the actor initially placed his left hand on his forehead, only to be corrected by the photographers that the salute is traditionally done with the right hand. This candid interaction left the actor blushing and provided a light-hearted moment for all present.

In his most recent project, ‘My Demon’, Song Kang played the role of a self-obsessed demon, Jung Koo Won, who becomes entangled with the headstrong successor of a major company, Do Do-hee. The storyline revolves around their initially tumultuous relationship and eventual love story as they enter into a contract marriage.

Looking ahead, Song Kang is set to feature in ‘Sweet Home 3’, a highly anticipated follow-up to the popular K-drama series.


1. ✍️When will Song Kang enlist for military service?✍️
– Song Kang’s exact enlistment date has not been publicly disclosed. However, it is a mandatory obligation for all able-bodied South Korean men to serve in the military.

2. ✍️What is Song Kang’s latest project?✍️
– Song Kang most recently appeared in the K-drama ‘My Demon’ opposite Kim Yoo Jung. He is set to star in the upcoming ‘Sweet Home 3’.

3. ✍️How long will Song Kang be serving in the military?✍️
– The length of compulsory military service in South Korea is typically around 18 to 21 months, depending on the branch of the military and any potential changes in the national service policy.

4. ✍️Will Song Kang’s military service affect his acting career?✍️
– While Song Kang will be fulfilling his military duty, his enlistment is not expected to affect his acting career in the long term.


Fans of Song Kang eagerly anticipate his return to the entertainment industry following his military enlistment. His final public appearance before this milestone has drawn emotional farewells and best wishes from admirers. As the actor embraces this next chapter in his life, his dedicated fan base eagerly awaits his future projects.

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