Supa Cent and Rayzor Break Up: What Happened?

Did Supa Cent And Rayzor Break Up?

Yes, Supa Cent and Rayzor have indeed broken up. The CEO of The Crayon Case, Supa Cent, announced the end of their one-and-a-half-year engagement on her Instagram Story. The breakup has stirred up controversy, leading to public discussions and speculations. Rayzor responded to the news on Instagram, expressing his perspective on the breakup.

Who are Supa Cent and Rayzor?

Supa Cent: Raynell Steward, also known as Supa Cent, is a prominent businesswoman and social media personality. Hailing from Louisiana, she is the founder and CEO of The Crayon Case, a successful cosmetics brand. Despite facing hardships in her upbringing, Supa Cent’s resilience and entrepreneurial spirit have led her to immense success in the business world. She is recognized for her dynamic presence and influential role within the beauty industry, boasting a significant following on Instagram.

Rayzor: Rayzor, also known as Rayzor Breaux, gained public attention through his engagement to Supa Cent. His involvement in their high-profile relationship brought him into the public eye. Although primarily known for his relationship with Supa Cent, Rayzor’s individual background and endeavors have garnered attention amidst the speculation and discussions around their breakup.


What led to the breakup between Supa Cent and Rayzor?

The exact reasons for the split remain unknown, and both Supa Cent and Rayzor have provided limited insight into the circumstances surrounding their breakup. However, Supa Cent has expressed regret and made allegations against Rayzor regarding negative actions during their relationship.

What is Supa Cent’s net worth?

As of 2023, Supa Cent’s net worth is reported to be $5 million, with her cosmetics brand, The Crayon Case, being valued at $50 million according to Forbes.

Are there any public statements from Rayzor regarding the breakup?

Rayzor responded to the news on Instagram, where he claimed he “dodged a bullet and walked away clean.” His public response has added fuel to the ongoing discussions about the breakup.

In Conclusion

The breakup between Supa Cent and Rayzor has captured public attention, sparking discussions and speculations. As the details surrounding their separation continue to unfold, their individual paths and the aftermath of their relationship will undoubtedly remain subjects of interest for their followers and the public.

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