Taylor Swift gushes as ‘amazing’ host Trevor Noah swiftly pulls off an NFL joke at Grammys

✍️Taylor Swift’s Grammy Moment✍️: Trevor Noah, the host of the 66th Grammys, impressed the audience with a witty NFL joke involving Taylor Swift, which left the pop sensation gushing. As Taylor and Jack Antonoff made a startling appearance at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, Noah jokingly mentioned the local economy around their tables improving as the singer moved through the room. He also referenced the recent backlash from NFL fans about Swift getting too much screen time during a game, humorously promising revenge by cutting to football players every time Swift was mentioned. Taylor, appreciating Noah’s hosting skills, expressed her admiration for his performance while accepting the Album of the Year award for “Evermore.” Additionally, she surprised Swifties by announcing a new album, “The Tortured Poet’s Department,” which is set for release in April.


✍️Q: What was the nature of Trevor Noah’s joke about Taylor Swift and the NFL?✍️
A: Trevor Noah made a lighthearted reference to the recent criticism from NFL fans regarding Taylor Swift’s screen time during a game. He humorously promised to cut to football players every time Swift was mentioned, as if seeking revenge on her behalf.

✍️Q: How did Taylor Swift react to Trevor Noah’s joke?✍️
A: Taylor Swift appeared to enjoy Trevor Noah’s joke and went on to express her admiration for his hosting skills when accepting the Album of the Year award for “Evermore.”

✍️Q: What is the name of Taylor Swift’s upcoming album and its release date?✍️
A: The Grammy winner surprised fans by announcing a new album titled “The Tortured Poet’s Department,” scheduled for release in April.


Trevor Noah’s entertaining NFL joke and Taylor Swift’s heartfelt appreciation of his hosting skills added an extra layer of excitement to the 66th Grammys. Furthermore, Swifties have something to look forward to with the announcement of Taylor Swift’s upcoming album, “The Tortured Poet’s Department,” adding to the already eventful evening.

In conclusion, this moment adds to the affection between Taylor Swift and her fans, as well as her ability to appreciate humor, even when it involves jests about her public persona. The announcement of a new album as a surprise for her followers further establishes her as a dynamic and innovative artist.

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