Taylor Swift Receives Diamond Bracelet from Travis Kelce with a Hidden Message

Taylor Swift recently attended the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Baltimore Ravens, where she was noticed wearing a shiny bracelet with her and her boyfriend Travis Kelce’s initials. The ‘Love Story’ singer showed her support in red and black from head to toe and cheered for the Chiefs to victory in the AFC Championship. The diamond friendship bracelet had the initials ‘TNT’ and is a product of Wove’s partnership with professional golfer Michelle Wie West.

Wove’s lead designer Kendall Junck mentioned in a TikTok video, “As much as we would like to take credit for the TNT nickname, that was all Travis.” She continued, “It just feels so full circle because Travis and Taylor started dating because of a friendship bracelet … and they’re a Pennsylvania company, which is Taylor’s home state.”

Start of Taylor and Travis’ Relationship

In July, at Swift’s Eras Tour stop at Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium, Travis planned to give Taylor a beaded bracelet with his phone number on it, but he didn’t get the chance to meet her.

Taylor’s Eras Tour Tokyo Overlaps with the Super Bowl 2024

Despite Taylor’s Eras Tour Tokyo overlapping with the Super Bowl 2024 in February, reports indicate that the pop star will traverse time zones to support her boyfriend and his team in the Super Bowl. Taylor’s shows are scheduled at Tokyo Dome from February 7 to 10, and the Super Bowl takes place on February 11.


What is the significance of the initials ‘TNT’ on the diamond bracelet?

The initials ‘TNT’ represent the names of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. The bracelet holds a special and personal meaning for the couple, with the initials symbolizing their relationship.

Who is the designer of the diamond bracelet gifted to Taylor Swift by Travis Kelce?

The diamond bracelet is a product of Wove’s partnership with professional golfer Michelle Wie West. Wove’s lead designer, Kendall Junck, mentioned that the bracelet holds a special significance and a hidden message, with the initials ‘TNT’ being chosen by Travis Kelce.

Will Taylor Swift be attending the Super Bowl 2024 to support Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs?

Despite her tour in Tokyo, Taylor Swift is reportedly planning to make the effort to attend the Super Bowl and support her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, and the Kansas City Chiefs.


The diamond bracelet gifted by Travis Kelce to Taylor Swift holds a special significance as a token of their relationship. The hidden messages and 4 carats of sparkle make it a unique and meaningful gift. Taylor’s commitment to making time for the Super Bowl despite her busy schedule emphasizes her support for her boyfriend and his team.

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