Telegram’s Latest Update Features

Telegram recently unveiled a host of new features creating an all-encompassing and enriching user experience. Whether it’s data organization or messaging personalization, the updates aim to cater to every user’s needs. With new features such as the enhancements in Saved Messages, improved media sharing options, and privacy settings, Telegram has further solidified its position as one of the top messaging platforms.

New Features Added in January Update

  1. Saved Messages 2.0: Users now have access to a dedicated chat called “Saved Messages” where they can store notes, reminders, and forwarded messages from other chats. They can also save content with tags for easy retrieval.
  2. Messages Saved During Chat: This feature allows users to view a list of groups and channels during private chat, and forward and save messages. They also have the option to pin chats at the top for quick access.
  3. Organize Saved Messages: Users can add multiple tags with emojis for swift filtering and search. Additionally, they can rename existing tags as per their preference.
  4. Groups and Channels Enhancements: This update introduces a ‘Saved’ tab and a shared media section for quicker access to photos, links, music, and more. Search options within chats have also been significantly improved.
  5. View-Once Setting for Voice and Video Messages: Users can enable a setting that allows voice and video messages to be played only once, with an animation prompting the sender to resend them.
  6. Enhanced Recording Features: Users now have the ability to record any voice or video message and pause and resume recording. The privacy setting for hiding chats’ last seen and read time has also been introduced.
  7. Private Messaging Permissions: This feature provides separate messaging permissions for ‘Everyone’ and ‘My Contacts’. Moreover, premium users can reply to messages sent by others, bringing faster loading and higher-quality content.
  8. Design Updates: Telegram has revamped the design for shared contacts, offering better colors and emoji icons to choose from in the settings. Additionally, there’s an improved video messaging update on iOS and MacOS, allowing users to switch more quickly and theme their app with a choice of 15 icons.


1. How do I access the Saved Messages chat feature?

To access the Saved Messages chat, simply navigate to the chat list and tap on the option for Saved Messages.

2. Can I customize the emoji icons for shared contacts?

Yes, Telegram allows users to choose from a range of emoji icons when interacting with shared contacts.

3. How can I hide the last seen and read times in chats?

Users can hide the last seen and read times in their chats through the privacy settings within the Telegram app.


The latest Telegram update has brought significant enhancements, making the platform more robust and user-friendly. With these new features, users are now equipped with tools for better organization, efficient communication, and enhanced visual experiences. The updates continue to position Telegram as a top choice for individuals and businesses seeking a feature-rich messaging platform.

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