IHRA’s 20th International Conference

Welcome to Harm Reduction 2009: IHRA’s 20th International Conference

IHRA’s harm reduction conferences have been held around the world each year since 1990, and the next event in this highly successful series takes place in Bangkok, Thailand. The theme for this event will be Harm Reduction and Human Rights.

Over five days, this conference will be the main meeting point for all those interested in harm reduction, and an invaluable platform for advocacy, debate, and discussion. For nearly two decades, these events have been the key forum for the dissemination of harm reduction ideas and practice, and have helped to put harm reduction on the map.

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IHRA is developing an archive of valuable harm reduction resources from the previous 19 international conferences – from Liverpool in 1990 to Barcelona in May 2008.

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If you have any information from previous IHRA conferences – such as photographs or presentations – please contact Jamie Bridge.