The Departure of Jimmy Perez from Shetland Series: A Recap

Who is Jimmy Perez in Shetland?

DI Jimmy Perez, brilliantly portrayed by Douglas Henshall, was the central figure in the BBC series “Shetland.” Known for his unwavering determination and investigative skills, Perez navigated the intricate web of mysteries against the backdrop of Shetland’s stunning landscapes. His character was marked by a compelling mix of professional prowess and personal complexity, resonating with viewers as he tackled cases while dealing with his own life challenges.

What Happened to Jimmy Perez?

In the season 7 finale, viewers witnessed the departure of DI Jimmy Perez. Contrary to dramatic predictions, his exit was more understated. During a confrontation involving a pipe bomb and a radicalized individual with a vendetta against the oil industry, Perez survived a close call. The storyline also revealed the complexity of the characters involved in the scheme, including the bomb builder, Connor Cairns.

Douglas Henshall, the actor behind Perez, felt it was the right time to conclude Jimmy’s story and bid farewell to Shetland. He acknowledged the unique elements that made both the character and the series special, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to work on “Shetland” for almost a decade but also feeling it was time to explore other acting opportunities.


Why did Douglas Henshall leave “Shetland”?

Douglas Henshall, the actor who portrayed Jimmy Perez, believed it was the right time to conclude Perez’s story in “Shetland.” He wanted to exit before compromising the unique elements that made both the character and the series special. Additionally, he expressed a desire to explore new acting opportunities.

Will there be a replacement for Jimmy Perez in “Shetland”?

There has been no announcement regarding a replacement for the character of Jimmy Perez in the “Shetland” series. The departure of Perez marks the end of an era in the show, and it remains to be seen how the series will continue following his exit.

Where can viewers watch the “Shetland” series?

The “Shetland” series is available for streaming on various platforms, including BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime Video. Check your local listings for availability in your region.


The departure of DI Jimmy Perez from “Shetland” marked the end of an era, with Douglas Henshall bidding farewell to the character after almost a decade. As the series moves forward, viewers can anticipate new dynamics to unfold, and the legacy of Perez’s character will continue to resonate with fans of the show.

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