The Disappearance of Wendell Edwards from Channel 3

What Happened to Wendell on Channel 3?

Wendell Edwards, a well-known face on WFSB’s Eyewitness News in the Morning, has departed from his morning anchor position, leaving viewers perplexed about the circumstances surrounding his exit. His last day on air was not accompanied by an explanation, and both his bio and any official statement about his departure have been removed from the WFSB website. Despite his significant career in broadcast journalism, including awards for investigative reporting, the specifics of his departure from the morning anchor role remain undisclosed. Wendell has chosen to remain silent on the matter, leaving the details shrouded in mystery.

Who is Wendell Edwards?

Wendell Edwards is a seasoned broadcast journalist known for his role as a morning anchor on WFSB’s Eyewitness News in the Morning. Prior to joining WFSB, he worked at KOCO 5 News in Oklahoma City, where he received recognition and awards for his investigative reporting. His credentials, including accolades like the NABJ Salute to Excellence awards, showcase his dedication and excellence in journalism.

Where is Wendell on Channel 3?

Viewers accustomed to watching Wendell Edwards on Channel 3’s Eyewitness News in the Morning may be puzzled by his sudden absence. It is unclear where Wendell is currently located, as he does not appear to be with WFSB, and no information about a new job or his circumstances has been provided. His unexpected departure has left viewers speculating about the reasons behind the change.


1. Why did Wendell Edwards leave WFSB’s Eyewitness News in the Morning?

As of now, the reasons behind Wendell Edwards’ departure from WFSB have not been disclosed. His last day on air was not accompanied by an explanation, and neither he nor the station has provided official details.

2. Where can we find updates on Wendell Edwards’ career?

Unfortunately, there are no official updates on Wendell Edwards’ current career status. His absence from WFSB and the lack of information from both Wendell and the station have left the specifics of his departure shrouded in mystery.


The sudden disappearance of Wendell Edwards from WFSB has sparked curiosity and concern among viewers. Despite his impactful career in broadcast journalism, the circumstances leading to his exit from the morning anchor role at Channel 3 remain undisclosed. As of now, the mystery surrounding Wendell’s departure from WFSB leaves viewers wondering about the reasons behind this unexpected change.

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