The Indus App Store: A Game Changer in the App Market

Exciting news! The Indus App Store is set to launch on February 21. This much-anticipated launch promises to shake up the app market with its variety of features and offerings. The collaboration between Walmart-owned Phonepe and an array of popular apps signals a significant shift in the app distribution landscape. Let’s delve into what makes the Indus App Store a potential game changer.

Features and Benefits

The Indus App Store is poised to give tough competition to established players like Google Play Store and Apple App Store. What sets it apart is its user-friendly interface and a commitment to providing a platform that caters to the global market. The most standout feature is its elimination of fees on in-app purchases, offering a stark contrast to the 15–30% charges imposed by its competitors. This move is sure to attract both developers and consumers, making apps more affordable for everyone.

In terms of the apps it offers, the Indus App Store has partnered with big names like Flipkart, Ixigo, Dominos Pizza, Snapdeal, Jio Mart, Bajaj Finserv, Dream 11, Nazrana Technology, Gamescraft, and Mobile Premier League, among others. This wide selection covers various categories such as gaming, shopping, and more. Additionally, the app supports 12 languages other than English, promoting inclusivity and accessibility. The option to use a phone number for access, instead of a Gamil account, further enhances its user-friendly approach.

Privacy and Future Expansion

Privacy and security have been paramount in the development of the Indus App Store. With a focus on safeguarding users’ data and ensuring a secure experience, the platform aims to build trust and confidence among its user base.

Looking ahead, the Indus App Store plans to support Indian local apps, enabling them to showcase their potential in the global market. This strategic move could bolster India’s app development sector and open doors for local talent on the world stage. The prospect of local apps gaining exposure on a global level is an exciting development for the tech industry.


The launch of the Indus App Store marks a significant moment in the app distribution space. With its competitive edge in fee structure, diverse app offerings, multilingual support, and plans for expanding opportunities for Indian apps, the Indus App Store has the potential to disrupt the status quo. As it gears up for its debut, all eyes are on the impact it will create in the app market.


What is the Indus App Store?

The Indus App Store is a new Android app distribution platform that aims to provide an alternative to existing app stores by not charging any fees on in-app purchases, thus making apps more affordable for users and developers.

When is the launch date for the Indus App Store?

The launch date for the Indus App Store is set for February 21, promising to bring a new player into the app distribution market.

What sets the Indus App Store apart from other app stores?

The Indus App Store distinguishes itself by not imposing any fees on in-app purchases, in contrast to the 15–30% charges levied by other app stores. It also supports multiple languages, aims to promote Indian local apps, and prioritizes privacy and security.

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