The last fight scene of Ajay’s ‘Bhola’ was shot in 12 days

Ajay Devgan has again given a hardcore action film to the audience in the form of ‘Bhola’. Arpit Ranka is also in the role of villain in the film. He is in this industry from last 18 years. Although now he has made his Hindi film debut. He has actually been busy in South’s films and serials till now. In the year 2013-14, he got a lot of popularity from the character of Duryodhana in ‘Mahabharata’. Arpit says… ‘Ajay Devgan was injured while doing action in the film. Despite that, he did not resort to body double. He kept on taking action. Arpit also confirmed that Tabu herself did most of the action, which was my first scene, in which I had to drag Ma’am by her hair. I was hesitating that how would I be able to do this? But Tabu ma’am insisted that holding the hair only tightly. Don’t take it lightly. I should feel that the hair is being pulled, only then the feeling will come on the face. Then those who know Mam closely also say that she has been bringing this kind of realism in acting.

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