The Legacy of Jerry Wade: Remembering the Iconic Indy Radio DJ

On January 8, 62-year-old Jerry Wade, known as “The Loverman,” a renowned radio and disc jockey, passed away in Indianapolis. The exact cause of his death remains unknown. Wade, a beloved figure in Indianapolis, hosted “The Quiet Storm” on 106.7 WTLC for over three decades, leaving an indelible mark on the airwaves. His enduring legacy was built on the commitment to keeping his audience motivated and ensuring they started their days on a positive note. Wade’s impact on the community extended beyond his role as a radio host, as he was also involved in various entrepreneurial ventures and community service initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Jerry Wade known for?

Jerry Wade, also known as “The Loverman,” was a renowned radio DJ in Indianapolis, hosting “The Quiet Storm” on 106.7 WTLC for over three decades. His deep, soulful voice and dedication to spreading positivity through his broadcasts made him an iconic figure in the Indianapolis radio scene.

How did Jerry Wade die?

The exact cause of Jerry Wade’s death remains unknown. His passing on January 8, 2022, in Indianapolis left a significant void in the radio community and among his listeners. Despite the mystery surrounding his death, Wade’s legacy continues to be celebrated by colleagues, friends, and fans.

What was Jerry Wade’s impact on the Indianapolis community?

Jerry Wade was not only a beloved radio personality but also a passionate advocate for community engagement and positivity. Through his radio show, entrepreneurial ventures, and community service involvement, he touched the lives of many in the Indianapolis area, leaving behind a legacy of joy, inclusion, and connection.


Jerry Wade’s passing marks the end of an era in the Indianapolis radio scene, leaving behind a legacy that continues to provide inspiration and joy to those who had the privilege of experiencing his broadcasts. His impact on the community, commitment to spreading positivity, and dedication to his craft have left an indelible mark that will be remembered for years to come.

As the Indianapolis community mourns the loss of Jerry Wade, his memory lives on through the warmth and connection he brought to countless faces over his remarkable 30-year career.

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