The Mysterious Disappearance of Henry Buster: What We Know So Far

Henry Buster Missing

Concerns are mounting in the community of Lone Tree, Colorado, as 17-year-old Henry Buster has gone missing. Speculations suggest that the recent loss of his father may have triggered a mental health crisis, casting a shadow of worry over his well-being. His last known sighting involved him fleeing on foot after hitting a gate in the Heritage Hills neighborhood around 4:00 am.

What Happened to Henry Buster?

The sudden disappearance of Henry Buster, especially in the wake of his father’s passing, has left the community deeply troubled. With no phone or wallet in his possession, there are growing concerns about his ability to communicate and access resources. Despite the efforts of the Lone Tree Police Department and the involvement of the community, there are still no confirmed leads, leaving his family and the community in a state of uncertainty.

Has Henry Buster Been Found?

Regrettably, Henry Buster has not been found, and the search for the 17-year-old continues. The Lone Tree Police Department and the community are actively engaged in the search, but definitive information about his whereabouts remains elusive.


What should I do if I have information about Henry Buster’s whereabouts?

If you have any information about Henry Buster’s whereabouts, please contact the Lone Tree Police Department immediately. Your cooperation could be invaluable in locating him.

Is there a dedicated hotline or contact for information about Henry Buster?

Yes, the Lone Tree Police Department has set up a dedicated hotline for any information or leads regarding Henry Buster’s disappearance. You can reach out to them at [insert hotline number here].

How can I support the search for Henry Buster?

You can support the search for Henry Buster by spreading the word on social media, sharing updates about his disappearance, and being vigilant in your surroundings. Additionally, you can reach out to the Lone Tree Police Department to inquire about any volunteer efforts or assistance they may require from the community.


The disappearance of Henry Buster has left a community in distress, and the search for him continues. With no conclusive leads, the focus remains on locating him and reuniting him with his family. Anyone with information about Henry Buster’s whereabouts is urged to come forward and assist in bringing this young man home.

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