The Samsung Galaxy A35’s Processor And RAM Specifications Have Been Made Public By Geekbench

# Samsung Galaxy A35 Processor and RAM Specifications Revealed

Samsung’s upcoming addition to its Galaxy A series, the Galaxy A35, has had its processor and RAM specifications revealed to the public through Geekbench tests. The device, with the model number SM-A356U, was discovered on the benchmarking platform, providing valuable insights into its performance and capabilities.

According to the Geekbench results, the Samsung Galaxy A35 is powered by an Exynos 1380 chipset with a codename S5e8835. This chipset contains two cores operating at 2GHz and f, and four cores operating at 2.40GHz. The device is also expected to feature 6GB of RAM when it officially launches.

In terms of performance, the Galaxy A35 achieved a multi-core test score of 2,332 and a single-core test score of 697 on Geekbench. This hints at a promising level of performance for the upcoming device. Furthermore, the smartphone is anticipated to run on the latest version of Android 14, providing users with the newest software experience right out of the box.

Leaked renders of the Galaxy A35 showcase a high-end design with curved corners and a distinctive protrusion on the right edge known as Key Island. The back panel houses three vertically stacked camera sensors, emphasizing the device’s imaging capabilities. It is also rumored to feature a large 6.6-inch display to enhance the visual experience for users.

The Galaxy A35 is poised to make an impact on the competitive smartphone industry with its cutting-edge features, unique design aspects, and promising performance when it officially launches.


➤# 1. When is Samsung planning to release the Galaxy A35?

Samsung plans to release the Galaxy A35 in the second quarter of 2024.

➤# 2. What processor does the Samsung Galaxy A35 feature?

The Samsung Galaxy A35 is powered by an Exynos 1380 chipset with two cores operating at 2GHz and four cores operating at 2.40GHz.

➤# 3. How much RAM does the Samsung Galaxy A35 have?

The Samsung Galaxy A35 is expected to feature 6GB of RAM.

➤ Conclusion

The Samsung Galaxy A35’s processor and RAM specifications, revealed through Geekbench tests, provide users with valuable insights into the upcoming device’s performance and capabilities. With its powerful chipset and ample RAM, coupled with a high-end design and imaging capabilities, the Galaxy A35 aims to make a mark in the competitive smartphone industry when it officially launches. Keep an eye out for further updates on its official release and additional features.

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