The Truth About Cocoa Tea’s Health: Alive But Hospitalized

Despite circulating rumors online suggesting the death of renowned Jamaican reggae artist Cocoa Tea, his wife, Malvia Scott, has confirmed that he is very much alive. Dismissing the claims, she urged the public to keep Cocoa Tea in their prayers. However, she did confirm that he is presently in the hospital in America, where he’s been residing in Florida. The family is asking for privacy during this time and hasn’t disclosed details about his illness or his current health status.

Cocoa Tea, born Colvin George Scott, emerged as a prominent figure in the late 1980s and early 1990s within the Jamaican reggae scene. Hailing from Rocky Point, Clarendon, he gained widespread recognition globally in the 1990s. He’s known for numerous hits like “Holy Mount Zion,” “Young Lover,” “Rikers Island,” “Barack Obama,” and “She Loves Me Now.” His musical journey includes collaborations with various labels, and he even established his own, Roaring Lion label, around 2000. Cocoa Tea’s influence extends beyond his music, having initiated the annual New Year’s Eve event, Dancehall Jam Jam, and also recognized emerging talent in the industry, like Koffee, whom he met through producer Walshy Fire.

Malvia Scott, while acknowledging his husband’s hospitalization, hasn’t provided specific details regarding his illness or his present health condition. The family has requested prayers and privacy during this challenging time.


Is Cocoa Tea dead?

No, Cocoa Tea is not dead. His wife confirmed that he is alive, dismissing the circulating rumors about his death.

Is Cocoa Tea hospitalized?

Yes, Cocoa Tea is currently hospitalized. His wife confirmed his hospitalization, but specific details about his illness or current health condition have not been disclosed.

What are some of Cocoa Tea’s popular songs?

Cocoa Tea is known for numerous hits, including “Holy Mount Zion,” “Young Lover,” “Rikers Island,” “Barack Obama,” and “She Loves Me Now.”


The recent rumors about Cocoa Tea’s death have been debunked by his wife. While it has been confirmed that he is hospitalized, his current health condition and the details of his illness remain private. Cocoa Tea’s legacy in the reggae music scene and his impact on the industry are significant, and fans around the world continue to support him during this challenging time. Let’s join in respecting the family’s privacy and keep Cocoa Tea in our thoughts and prayers. Stay updated with credible sources for the latest news on his health.

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