Tuesday, September 26

Travel agent cheated ₹ 5.77 lakh in the name of getting Australia visa

A travel agent named Gaurav Joshi, residing in Daba, has been accused of extorting a significant amount of money from a young man under the pretense of assisting him in obtaining an Australian visa. The victim, Gaganpreet Singh, a resident of Suraj Nagar, New Shimlapuri, shared his ordeal, stating that he had approached Gaurav Joshi with the intention of traveling to Australia.
The accused, Gaurav Joshi, assured Gaganpreet Singh that he would facilitate the visa process and urged him to make immediate payments. Over time, Gaganpreet Singh handed over a total sum of Rs 5.77 lakh to Gaurav Joshi, expecting the visa to be processed accordingly. However, to his dismay, the promised visa never materialized.
As the situation unfolded, Gaganpreet Singh found himself repeatedly ignored by Gaurav Joshi, who eventually ceased all communication with him. It became evident that the travel agent had not only failed to fulfill his promise of obtaining the visa but had also absconded with the substantial amount of money he had received from Gaganpreet SinghsA

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