Two accused of Nuh violence in Haryana arrested after encounter with police

In a recent development, two individuals from Gavarka village, who were allegedly involved in the violence in Nuh, have been arrested by the CIA (Crime Investigation Agency) after an encounter in Tawdu on Thursday morning. One of the accused, Munfaid, was shot in the leg during the encounter and has been admitted to Nalhar Medical College for treatment. The second accused, Saikul, has been apprehended. According to CIA inspector Sandir Mor, several items were recovered from the arrested individuals. These include a desi katta (a locally made firearm), a tramp (which could refer to a trampoline, although the context is unclear), and a bike. The significance of these items in relation to the violence is not provided, leaving room for speculation.
In other news, Nuh District Commissioner (DC) Dhirendra Khargata has announced that schools in the district will reopen from August 11. This decision indicates a step towards normalcy and the resumption of educational activities in the area. Additionally, the DLED (Diploma in Elementary Education) examinations are scheduled to be held in the district starting from August 14, suggesting efforts to ensure the smooth progress of academic assessments despite the challenges posed by the current circumstances.
Furthermore, it has been reported that Section 144, which restricts the assembly of a large number of people in a particular area, has been lifted from Palwal but remains in effect only in Nuh. The reasons behind this decision are not provided, leaving the specific circumstances in each district open to interpretation.
In a separate incident, two Rohingyas named Saifullah and Mehboob Rehman, who were arrested, have allegedly revealed that illegal immigrants from Myanmar were also involved in the violence. These individuals reportedly obtained false identification documents from Assam and West Bengal, allowing them to establish settlements in Nuh. The exact nature of the violence and its implications are not elaborated upon, making it difficult to fully comprehend the situation.

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