Understanding the Tragic Disappearance of Michael McGarrigle

The recent news of Michael McGarrigle’s tragic passing has left his friends, family, colleagues, and fans in shock and sorrow. Michael, who worked as a costume supervisor on Benidorm, was reported missing in Glasgow and was subsequently found deceased. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance and death remain undisclosed, but the impact on those who knew and loved him is undeniable, prompting an outpouring of grief and remembrance.

What Happened To Michael McGarrigle?

Michael McGarrigle, a close friend of Coronation Street actor Tony Maudsley, went missing in Glasgow, prompting concern for his safety. After a period of searching and seeking help from fans and the public, the devastating news of Michael’s passing was shared by Tony Maudsley in a somber social media post. The details surrounding his disappearance and subsequent death have not been made public, leaving many reeling from the loss of a beloved individual.

Where Was Michael McGarrigle Last Seen?

Michael McGarrigle was last seen in the early hours of a Sunday morning in the Glasgow area. His disappearance sparked deep concern from his friends, family, and colleagues, including Tony Maudsley, who urged anyone with information about Michael’s whereabouts to contact the Glasgow Police. The community was hopeful for a positive resolution, but the confirmation of Michael’s passing has left them grappling with an immense sense of loss.

Has Michael McGarrigle Been Found?

Michael McGarrigle has been found, but unfortunately, he was discovered deceased. Tony Maudsley expressed his gratitude for the efforts to locate Michael and conveyed the heartbreaking news of his passing, underscoring the significant impact it has had on their Benidorm family and the wider community.


The heartbreaking news of Michael McGarrigle’s passing has deeply impacted those who knew him, leaving many in shock and grief. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance and death continue to be shrouded in sadness and unanswered questions, but the outpouring of support and remembrance serves as a testament to the positive impact Michael had on those around him.


1. What was Michael McGarrigle’s profession?

Michael McGarrigle worked as a costume supervisor on the television show Benidorm.

2. What was Tony Maudsley’s relationship with Michael McGarrigle?

Tony Maudsley, an actor on Coronation Street and Benidorm, was a close friend of Michael McGarrigle.

3. Has the cause of Michael McGarrigle’s death been disclosed?

The circumstances surrounding Michael McGarrigle’s death have not been made public, leaving friends, family, and fans in shock and sorrow.

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