Vijay Varma reveals he cried while watching ‘12th fail’

✍️Vijay Varma gets emotional watching ’12th Fail’ and praises Vikrant Massey’s performance✍️

Vijay Varma recently revealed that he was moved to tears while watching the critically acclaimed film ’12th Fail’ directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. During a Q&A session with fans, Varma was asked if he had ever cried while watching a movie or series, to which he responded by expressing his emotional reaction to ’12th Fail’. Varma credited Vikrant Massey’s performance for evoking such strong emotions, stating, “Vikrant Massey made me weep a lot.”

Earlier, Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor had also praised the film, hailing Vikrant Massey as a ‘legend’ and acknowledging the entire cast and crew as ‘Legends’.

The film ’12th Fail’ was released in theaters in October 2023 and is now available for streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar. Directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, the film portrays the life of IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma and is based on a novel by Anurag Pathak. It sheds light on the challenges faced by numerous students attempting the UPSC entrance exam.

Vikrant Massey, who delivered a compelling performance in ’12th Fail’, is set to appear in the upcoming film ‘Phir Aayi Hasseen Dillruba’.


✍️1. What is ’12th Fail’ about?✍️
’12th Fail’ is a film based on the life of IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma and is centered around the struggles of millions of students attempting the UPSC entrance exam. It portrays the challenges and hardships faced by these students.

✍️2. Who was praised for their performance in ’12th Fail’?✍️
Vikrant Massey’s performance in ’12th Fail’ was highly praised by actor Vijay Varma, who expressed his emotional reaction to Massey’s portrayal in the film.

✍️3. Where can one watch ’12th Fail’?✍️
’12th Fail’ is currently available for streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar.


Vijay Varma’s emotional reaction to ’12th Fail’ serves as a testament to the powerful impact of the film’s storytelling and performances. The praise from both Varma and Kareena Kapoor, in addition to the film’s availability for streaming, underscores the significance and appeal of ’12th Fail’. With its engaging narrative and compelling performances, the film continues to resonate with audiences.

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