Sunday, December 3

Viral Video of a man found Cobra inside his helmet, watch what happened next

In Kerala, a man named Sojan had a close encounter with a venomous snake when he discovered a small cobra inside his two-wheeler helmet. Sojan, a resident of Thrissur, had left his helmet on the platform next to his parked scooter at his workplace. When he was about to leave later in the evening, he noticed something entering his helmet and suspected it might be a snake.

Promptly, Sojan alerted the forest department about the presence of the reptile. A snake volunteer named Lijo responded to the call and arrived at the location. Upon close inspection, Lijo discovered the venomous small cobra inside the helmet. A viral video of the incident shows that the snake remained hidden from view when the helmet was placed on the ground, but it was detected when the inner lining of the helmet was examined.

It is worth noting that the small cobra was only around 2 months old. Lijo, the snake volunteer, emphasized the greater danger posed by the bite of a small cobra. While many people may underestimate the threat of a young snake, they can be more dangerous as they often inject a higher concentration of venom during a bite.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of being cautious and aware of our surroundings, especially in areas where encounters with wildlife are possible. It is crucial to report such incidents to the appropriate authorities, like Sojan did, to ensure the safe removal of the snake and prevent any potential harm to oneself or others.

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