Saturday, December 2

A man trying to catch King Cobra, watch what happened next in viral video

A captivating video from Thailand has taken social media by storm, showcasing a man fearlessly handling a massive 10 to 13-foot-long king cobra. This extraordinary incident occurred in the southern Thai province of Krabi, where local residents promptly alerted the authorities upon spotting the cobra entering a field.

The video captures the heroic efforts of volunteers from the Ao Nang Subdistrict Administrative Organization as they successfully catch and release the majestic snake back into its natural habitat. This awe-inspiring act of bravery and conservation has garnered widespread attention and admiration.

According to a report by Thaigar, Thailand’s News and Information Source, the local community immediately sprang into action upon sighting the king cobra. Volunteers, led by Suti Nawad, swiftly responded to the call, demonstrating their dedication to wildlife preservation. The video showcases the tense moments as Nawad carefully approaches the formidable snake, which measures an astonishing 14 feet in length and weighs over 10 kg.

In the viral video, viewers witness the heart-pounding encounter between Nawad and the king cobra. As the snake lunges forward, its jaws wide open, Nawad skillfully evades the attack, showcasing his bravery and quick reflexes. The gripping scene unfolds over approximately 20 minutes, as Nawad expertly maneuvers to capture the cobra safely. Conservation Efforts: After successfully apprehending the king cobra, Nawad and his team demonstrate their commitment to wildlife conservation by releasing the snake back into its natural habitat. This crucial step ensures the preservation of the delicate ecological balance and highlights the importance of

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