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Viral Video of Man kisses Huge Cobra on its Head but then…..

In the vast realm of social media, where content creators constantly push the boundaries of what’s deemed acceptable, a recent video posted on Instagram has sent shockwaves through the online community. Nick, an avid animal reptile enthusiast, has raised eyebrows with a video that showcases an unconventional interaction—a man kissing a cobra on its head. As the video gained traction, it left viewers both fascinated and concerned about the risks involved in such daring stunts.

Nick, known as “nickthewrangler” on Instagram, describes himself as an “animal reptile addict” aiming to “inspire and be a voice for wild animals.” His profile is a treasure trove of videos featuring him with snakes of various species, showcasing his apparent fearlessness and deep connection with these often misunderstood creatures. However, it’s the videos featuring dangerous stunts that have set him apart, including his latest share of a cobra kiss.

The video, shared on July 2, begins with a cobra standing upright, and Nick crouched behind it. Initially reaching out to pet the snake’s head, Nick takes it a step further by leaning in to plant a kiss on the cobra’s head. The caption, “That FEELING you get after a first KISS,” adds an element of humor, but it doesn’t diminish the potential dangers associated with such interactions.

Unsurprisingly, the video has ignited a storm of reactions from viewers. With over 22,300 likes and counting, it has become a viral sensation on Nick’s Instagram channel. Comments range from admiration for Nick’s bravery to expressions of concern for his safety. One user questioned why the snake didn’t react aggressively, while others commended Nick for his audacity, albeit with a note of caution.

Some viewers couldn’t help but express their reservations about the potential risks involved in such close encounters with venomous reptiles. One comment highlighted the unpredictable nature of snakes, emphasizing the perceived lack of niceness in their behavior. The line between bravery and recklessness seems to blur, prompting followers to urge Nick to exercise caution to ensure both his safety and the well-being of the animals he interacts with.

Despite the controversy and concerns, there’s no denying the video’s success in capturing the attention of a vast audience. With millions of views and the numbers still climbing, Nick has certainly achieved his goal of creating engaging content that sparks conversations about the relationships between humans and wildlife.

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