Tuesday, September 26

Wardbandi formula will change in Haryana, municipal corporations will now have maximum 46 wards

Chandigarh | The election of urban government in Haryana may be delayed further, because the government is now changing the formula of warding from municipalities to municipal corporations. In such a situation, the number of wards may increase at some places and may decrease at some places. There will be at least 12 wards in municipality and councils, their number will be fixed at least 20 in municipal corporations. In this, the data of the family identity card will be used. A notification has been issued by the government determining the number of wards of the municipal corporations. Municipalities with less than 10,000 population will have at least 12 wards. While councils with a population of up to 3 lakh will have 32 wards. There will be 20 wards in municipal corporations with a population of less than 4 lakhs and 46 in municipal corporations with a population of more than 15 lakhs.

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