Watch: Tribute to Matthew Perry at 75th Emmy Awards, Charlie Puth performs ‘Friends’ theme song

✍️Remembering Matthew Perry: Charlie Puth’s Emotional Tribute at the 75th Emmy Awards✍️

At the 75th Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, singer Charlie Puth delivered a touching tribute to the late actor Matthew Perry by performing the iconic theme song of the beloved TV show ‘FRIENDS.’ This heartfelt moment took place during the show’s ‘In Memoriam’ segment, which left both the audience and fans across the globe emotional.

Perry, known for his role as Chandler Bing on ‘FRIENDS,’ was honored and remembered during the awards show. Charlie Puth, along with the singer-songwriter duo Michael Trotter Jr and Tanya Trotter, commenced the tribute with a rendition of ‘I’ll See You Again,’ followed by a soul-stirring cover of the ‘FRIENDS’ theme song as Perry’s image appeared on the screens. The emotional performance resonated deeply with fans, evoking an outpouring of shared emotions on social media.

Matthew Perry, who passed away last year in October at the age of 54 due to the acute effects of ketamine, struggled with addiction for decades. In 2022, he candidly shared his journey with addiction in his memoir. In addition to ‘FRIENDS,’ Perry made notable appearances in various TV shows and films, such as ’17 Again,’ ‘The Whole Ten Yards,’ and ‘Three To Tango.’

The 75th Emmy Awards also honored other notable personalities, including Len Goodman, Andre Braugher, Lance Reddick, Paul Reubens, and Barbara Walters.

Through Charlie Puth’s poignant performance, the Emmy Awards paid a fitting tribute to Matthew Perry, commemorating his enduring impact on television and the hearts of fans worldwide.

➤# FAQ

✍️1. How did Matthew Perry pass away?✍️
Matthew Perry passed away in October last year at the age of 54 due to the acute effects of ketamine.

✍️2. What was the significance of the tribute at the Emmy Awards?✍️
The tribute served as a heartfelt homage to Matthew Perry’s legacy and his iconic portrayal of Chandler Bing on the TV show ‘FRIENDS,’ which deeply resonated with audiences globally.

✍️3. What other works was Matthew Perry known for besides ‘FRIENDS’?✍️
In addition to his role on ‘FRIENDS,’ Matthew Perry starred in various TV shows and films, including ’17 Again,’ ‘The Whole Ten Yards,’ and ‘Three To Tango.’

In closing, the 75th Emmy Awards honored the late Matthew Perry through a poignant tribute by Charlie Puth, evoking powerful emotions and memories of the beloved actor’s contributions to the entertainment world. The lasting impact of Perry’s work and his unforgettable portrayal of Chandler Bing continues to be celebrated and cherished by fans around the world.

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